Andolini XXL

December 10, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Andolini XXL was born in a cellar in Lyon with an XXL cock of 23×6. He is in his early thirties and makes you enjoy his juicy adventures with bottoms who like to offer their hole. Here is an immersive content which puts you right in the shoes of the bottom, selected and prepared to feel dirty as in its fantasies by a fertilizing machine with inexhaustible automatic refill. You will enjoy the XXL Lyon cock, wide and hard, a good uncut dick of Italian Dom, who can load anywhere and anytime by pure generosity. Sharing is also the great pleasure of Andolini who knows how to direct the operations of dismantling of reluctant tight asses. Videos of bareback gay fucks, liters of cum flowing and filling mouths and holes.


Andolini XXL


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